This Person has Mentored more than 100 people towards their Software Job Success

We did an interview of a Software Professional who has mentored many job seekers. Here are excerpts from our interview.
1. Can you talk a bit about Yourself.
  I don’t want to say much about myself since I am not doing any of these for name or fame. I want to remain a bit anonymous but still continue mentoring people who are struggling to get a job and build their career. Best way to reach me is through email and I go through emails being sent by job seekers try to understand their situation and share any suggestions which may be of some help to them
2. Can you share about some of your achievements.
 I feel my biggest achievement is I’ve guided a lot of people in their journey of getting their first job. I’ve not kept a count and I don’t want to boast. But I feel having helped so many people get job and start their career with all seriousness is something I feel proud of.
3. Why are you doing this – Mentoring people to get Job/Building their career?
  Everyone can understand how tough it is to get their first job. When students finish their education and are struggling to stand on their own to get their first job it is a very tough phase in life. Parents want their kids to get job very soon, but parents don’t understand all the competition,delays in getting job,very few job interview opportunities and a ton of other challenges. Parents just compare with others who already have good paying jobs and keep pressurising their kids to get job soon. It is not true that just if you are putting a lot of pressure and scolding your kids they will get job soon. So having seen this ruining a lot of job seekers life I thought may be my efforts can be of some positive help in them getting a job.
4. What happens once you start mentoring a job seeker?
  People need to realise that getting a job is a time consuming process. Just because I start mentoring someone does not mean they will get job very soon without any efforts from their side. No. I try to share with them about what are the expectations of the Software/IT companies and motivate them to be more disciplined in their preparation towards getting and clearing job interviews.
I share a lot of stories of real experiences of others whom I mentored and how they got job. It always involves hard work, dedication and guidance. They need to make it happen. I just point them in right direction and give necessary motivation.
Many job seekers are very confused and also depressed. It takes a lot of time for them to come out of that mode of depression and start preparing for job interviews with the kind of efforts which is required.
I give them the right suggestions and followup to make sure they are actually putting into action what needs to be done.
There are No easy solution there is no magic. People get their job only due to their hardwork and disciplined job interview preparation.
Ofcourse luck and time do contribute in anyone’s career success. But for anyone to sustain a job and grow in it they have to put a lot of effort and dedication.
Job hunters need to start treating the process of getting their first job itself as a JOB in itself. They need to put 10 to 12 hours a day in a very productive and result oriented preparation.
Many job searching people make a lot of mistakes. I just talk about it in initial discussions so that they at least save time and use it for the necessary interview preparations.
Getting a job is a very complex process. Its not easy for me to explain it in few sentences.
5. What are your expectations before you take someone under your mentoring program ?
  I only take people who are really serious about getting a job. Not just that they need to
a1. Be willing to follow instructions
a2. Are willing to put at least 10 hour every day for job interview related activities
a3. Should be willing to complete assignments
a4. Should try to communicate maximum from their side
a5. Should not be too selfish – should be willing to help a team and work as a good team player
a6. Are honest and willing to share what they are learning with others under this mentoring
a7. Should be willing to put their best efforts to understand computers and related technologies
a8. Should not lose interest very soon. When you want a software job there are always technical and other challenges no matter what you should have a positive attitude.
There are some more criteria but I’ve listed important things above
We will be posting about the remaining interview excerpts in our next post soon
– Raj