Windows 10 preview check out this Next generation Operating System from Microsoft


Windows 10 yes that’s the latest Operating system version from Microsoft. For all those tech enthusiasts who want to keep track of latest news on Tech world Microsoft has revealed its next release. Right now preview version for laptops and desktops is available and their server version will be available in nearby future.

Windows 10 has cool things like

1.Cool redesigned Start menu ( This was missing in Windows 8) along with Live Tiles

2. Lot of focus on Personalization settings

3. Universal Windows apps making them run better even on Desktop as well as mobile and tablet platforms.
Continuum is what they term for features which make Windows 10 adopt for a Tablet-Laptop hybrid (Two in One) .

4. Customizing store on the device you are on ( For enterprises)

5. Snap Assist UI – for multiple desktops

6. Support for gestures will be customized differently in some areas in comparison to Windows 8

Since we need more time to go through the whole preview we are sharing here only few of the features available in Microsoft’s Windows 10

You will feel Microsoft tried to bring together best of both Windows 7 and Windows 8 and added more useful things in Windows 10.

they are building good features aiming for enterprise and also giving more emphasis on performance as well as security.

We will take more time to get in depth hands on Windows 10 experience and share more details soon.

– Ajay Bhat